Support Our Black Banks, Business, Press

The  black press is our voice, all members are required to purchase a subscription to the black press.

If we have our own businesses, banks we can hire our own therefore ending generational poverty. 


To Promote Social, Economic and Political Empowerment for People of Color

We support our black press, environment, public education,  HBCU, healthcare, GOTV, grassroots community, economic development , reparations, faith community, social and political empowerment for people of color.

Environment and Healthcare

We have only one life and one planet, once is it gone it cannot be replaced.   

We must protect our planet.

All citizens should have affordable healthcare.

Lack of Healthcare  is a disregard for humanity,

Stop Voter Suppresion

Voting is a constitutional right not a privilege we should no longer vote for a political party that wants black votes but not black issues or black candidates

The right to vote took the sacrifice of many and we should not take it lightly.

Support Our HBCU

We have the best educational institutions in the country, that need our support.

 Our HBCU are the legacy of excellence passed from our ancestors, fore-parents. 

Support Education

All students require a quality education, we must make our state/local legislation accountable, because we are taxpayers. 

In addition we must educate our own, whenever possible because our system has failed our black youth.